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Right IV Arm Kit (S)
Multi-Vein IV Arm

Item Number: 270-00001
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Male Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit

Lifelike adult male arm reproduction with multi-vein system designed for peripheral intravenous therapy.

  • Venipuncture possible in the antecubital area or dorsum of the hand
  • Accessible veins include the median, basilic and cephalic
  • Articulates to adult male manikins
  • Arm may be purchased separately (380700)

Includes: 1 Adult Male IV Arm - Right, 1 Replacement Skin and Multi-Vein System, 1 Bottle of Red Simulated Blood, 1 Can of Manikin Lubricant, 1 Blood Bag with Tubing and Connector, 1 Clamp and Hook, 1 Set of Shoulder Attachment Hardware. 

*Replacement skin and multi-vein system to fit this arm is available for purchase using catalog number 312029.

*Multi-Venous IV Arm Kits are also available in adult  female (375-50001) and pediatric male (375-70001) versions. 

**Kit no longer includes carry case**

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