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Item Number: 325-00750
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The Breast Exam Module facilitates training in the recognition of breast disorders, sizes of nodules, and relative locations by simulating multiple abnormalities found during breast examinations.

Product benefits:

  • Educationally effective for practice of breast examination including identification of lump size and type

  • Flexible module can be used with Nursing Anne manikins or as a stand-alone trainer

Product features:

    • Normal anatomy of female breasts

    • Realistically simulates feel of breast tissue

    • Set of interchangeable nodule inserts to represent fibro adenomas, cysts and solid lumps or masses of various sizes
      -  Movable nodule inserts are inserted into tunnels on the back side of breasts
      -  Fixed nodule inserts have pegs for insertion into holes on Nursing Anne's chest plate
      -  Nodules with holes simulate cysts

    • Nodule Inserts (22) include:

-  Size 20mm - 4 movable and 2 fixed
-  Size 15mm - 2 movable and 2 fixed
-  Size 10mm - 6 fixed
-  Size 5mm - 6 fixed

Includes: 2 Female Breasts, 22 Nodule Inserts, 1 Bottle Talcum Powder, 1 Carry Case and Directions for Use

*Module compatible with Nursing Anne and Female Complete Care Doll manikins.
*Replacement lump/cyst set may be purchased using catalog number 325-02850.

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