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SkillGuide met verlengkabel Little Anne QCPR

Artikelnummer: 123-30050
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SkillGuide enhances students’ ability to measure and improve their CPR skills. Small, portable, and lightweight, the tethered SkillGuide provides real-time and summative feedback on performance. The extension cable is for use with Little Anne QCPR and Little Junior QCPR, and allows connectivity from outside the manikin.


Real-time feedback includes:

  • Compression Depth
  • Compression Rate
  • Incomplete Release
  • Incorrect Hand position (not available on Little Anne QCPR or Little Junior QCPR)
  • Ventilation volume
  • Compression and Ventilation counter


Summative feedback includes:

  • Compression score xx%
  • Ventilation score xx%
  • Most severe errors on ventilations and compressions
  • CPR duration mm.ss
  • Flow fraction xx%


SkillGuide with Extension Cable is compatible with the Little and Resusci families of QCPR manikins:

  • Little Anne QCPR
  • Little Junior QCPR
  • Little Baby QCPR
  • Little Family QCPR
  • Resusci Anne QCPR
  • Resusci Junior QCPR
  • Resusci Baby QCPR

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