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Educational Services

Scenario Programming and Implementation Service

Creating scenarios together

In this course, we will develop customized scenarios targeted to meet your specific clinical or educational needs. Once developed, we will implement these scenarios on all of your operating devices and show you how to teach with the tailored scenarios.

Additional services include support during your first live use with learners  (SPIS Silver) as well as help to update and maintain the scenarios to secure they remain relevant over time (SPIS Gold).


Who benefits from this service


The benefit of this course is that you will get a better understanding of how to run sessions with scenario- based simulation training for your learners. 



The benefit of this course is that you will get a better understanding for controlling the simulator when using it for scenario- based simulation training for your learners.


What value this service provides

✔A selection of tailor-made scenarios to suit your teaching needs
✔ Scenarios installed directly onto your devices
✔ Gain the ability to teach with scenarios
✔ On-site support for first use of scenarios (Silver Level)
✔ Annual scenario updates (Gold Level)

Chris was very helpful, especially with assisting each of our faculty with their specific course scenarios. We all learned from one another's questions and from working directly with the program.

How this service is delivered


We collaborate with you through web meetings to identify what scenarios are needed. Our Simulation Specialists then program the scenarios at a Laerdal site. We validate the scenarios with you and then perform an on-site installation and training.

On the Silver Level, we support you during your first live training event at your site. On the Gold Level, we help you to maintain the scenarios and update them annually, as necessary. 






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What's next?

After you have completed the Scenario and Implementation course . . .