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Bystander CPR Saves Lives

Community lifesavers

Creating communities of lifesavers

Immediate bystander CPR is critical to a victim's survival from a sudden cardiac arrest. Immediate bystander CPR can double, or even triple, a victim’s chance of survival.Just as critical is the quality of CPR performed – studies indicate that the quality of CPR delivered during a resuscitation has a significant impact on survival.2

Quality CPR training with performance feedback and an engaging learning environment during instruction can help make your courses more effective, giving students the skills and confidence to act in a cardiac emergency.

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The Engagement Factor:  How Teaching Them by Reaching Them Can Improve Your CPR Training Program


In this article, we discuss: 

  • Engaging students from start to finish
  • Ensuring students learn how to perform quality CPR
  • Increasing learner confidence to save a life
  • Making an impact on bystander CPR




Community CPR: A Critical Link in the Chain of Survival

We asked five thought leaders to share their insights on community CPR. Read what they had to say about the importance of bystander CPR training.


  1. Meaney, et al. CPR Quality: Improving Cardiac Resuscitation Outcomes Both Inside and Outside the Hospital: A Consensus Statement From the American Heart Association. Circulation (2013), 1-19.