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Affordable training in postpartum uterus care


Mama-U represents a postpartum uterus after birth. It supports training in postpartum IUD and uterine balloon tamponade insertions and other postpartum uterus interventions. The model is ultra-portable and can be used as a tabletop model for task training, or inside MamaNatalie for a complete birth simulation.

Anatomy of the model

The model has all relevant anatomical features like fundus, cervix and perineum along with possibility to extend the uterus (relevant for insertion of postpartum IUD).


Key features

Change uterine angle by applying pressure to the model. 

Practice “blinded” placements and lift cover of the uterus to evaluate placement.  

Use inside MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator for complete birth and postpartum simulation training

Ultra-portable in the compact shoulder bag and easy to use for on-site training


Winner of Saving Lives at Birth Grant

Mama-U, as a part of Jhpiego’s project “Reinvigorating the PPIUD using a low cost simulation model” in Pakistan, won a prestigious Saving Lives at Birth grant. See more information and video presentation about the project here.



Gender, age, size


Women's Health

Post Partum Hemorrhage


Bakri Balloon Tamponade
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