The Infant Virtual I.V. is a comprehensive self-directed learning system for training peripheral venous cannulation in infants ranging from prematurity to 15 months.

The simulator enables the novice student and advanced practitioner to independently master the uniquely challenging psychomotor and cognitive skills required to competently perform intravenous catheterization in infants. Infant Virtual I.V. presents a clinically accurate state-of-the-art simulation, enabling novices to learn and practice without risk to infant patients. Realistic 3D visual and haptic effects allow students to see and feel the patient they are treating, creating an immersive environment that optimizes the learning process.


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Includes all benefits of Virtual I.V., plus:

  • Enables learners to master the developmentally appropriate techniques and challenges of I.V. catheterization of infant patients
  • A validated learning approach motivates learners to develop critical thinking skills and respond, under pressure, to complications and difficulties specific to infants
  • Provides a customized training experience that adjusts to learners’ needs and performance



  • Virtual infants respond with bleeding, swelling from infiltration, bruising from blown veins, accidental arterial puncture, and other complications specific to infants
  • A variety of 19 infant models varying in skin color, weight, and age, present distinctive challenges
  • 170 individual patient case scenarios that progress in degree of difficulty and span the breadth of pediatrics while focusing on specific learning objectives
  • Every infant accurately simulates I.V. access sites including the hand, arm, foot and scalp, with each site having its own specific assessment criteria
  • A force feedback device specifically developed to simulate the subtle touch sensations necessary for proper I.V. catheterization in infants, including venous and arterial palpation, the “pop” of venipuncture, and the delicate feel of catheter threading
  • Thorough, timely, and effective debriefing gives the learner the feedback needed to improve skills
  • Comprehensive video tutorial introduces the learner to the techniques, complications, and special considerations of initiating I.V. therapy in infants, and provides a permanent and accessible resource for review
  • Learners are taught proper use of infant appropriate equipment including trans-illuminators, arm boards, infusion pumps, etc., as well as procedural steps specifically tailored to the needs of infants

** Infant Virtual IV system requires 1 each of the following (purchased separately):

  • Haptics Device (part # 280-10050)
  • Desktop or Laptop Computer (part # 280-00101 or 280-00201)
  • Choice of 1 Software Module (In-Hospital, part # 280-13001 or Pre-Hospital, part # 280-13101)