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SimBaby with Tracheostomy

Help improve tracheostomy care training and critical care for pediatric patients.

SimBaby with Tracheostomy is a 9-month-old pediatric simulator with a controllable tracheostoma. It allows you to train for specific learning objectives on initial assessment and treatment, in addition to realistically simulating tracheostomy care.

Creating confident care providers

A tetherless simulator supporting the entire patient pathway – from in-hospital intensive care, during ambulance transportation, and in a home care setting – SimBaby with Tracheostomy is used to improve confidence and competence in all aspects of pediatric care.

If you already own a SimBaby you can purchase a tracheostomy upgrade. 

Use your own ventilator

Enhanced ventilation management

Connect SimBaby Tracheostomy with ASL 5000 Lung Solution to expand your training possibilities with mechanical ventilators.

The ASL 5000 replicates all types of respiratory conditions and seamlessly integrates with SimBaby, real ventilators, and patient monitors. 

ASL 5000 Lung solution

Öva på tidig bedömning, diagnos och åtgärd

Barn kan uppvisa fysiologiska reaktioner på trauma som skiljer sig från vuxnas. Att lära sig hur man effektivt identifierar och behandlar akuta andningssvårigheter, chock och hjärtstillestånd kan förbättra vårdpersonalens förmåga att agera med större självförtroende i en nödsituation.

Bedöm tid för kapillärfyllning.

Testa pupillens ljusreflex.

Ta pulsen bilateralt.

Worry-free simulation

Always stay operational and on top of the latest simulation knowledge through support of the extensive Laerdal technical and educational service portfolio.


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  • Controllable tracheostoma size for realism when inserting tracheal tubes. Settings: Open, Partially Open, Closed.
  • Bag-valve ventilation
  • Connect to a mechanical ventilator
  • Simulate false passage or removal of a mucus plug

For a full list of specifications, please visit the SimBaby page

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