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Technical Services

Value Plus

The ultimate flexible service plans

ValuePlus Service Plans have been designed to make it easy for you to access the most useful services with the flexibility to suit your needs and your budget. 

Who will benefit from this service


We can help you make simulator setup and maintenance worry-free. Our Value Plus plans can include everything from ongoing preventive maintenance extended warranties to loaner equipment.  


 As a simulation instructor, you can’t let equipment down-time negatively impact your training schedules. This ultimate service packages offer the highest level of support and ongoing maintenance of your simulator, and will help you keep things running so you can concentrate on the training. 



Get the most value for money. A ValuePlus service program can help minimize unexpected costs, reduce downtime, and increase product performance, allowing for an overall enhanced productivity of the training at your facility.

What value this service provides

Personal, customized consultation with an experienced technician.
✔ Designed with flexibility in mind.
✔Prevents downtime.
✔ Replacement of worn parts before they break reduces the need for unplanned repairs.
✔Keeps simulators updated with the latest software.
✔ Every function and feature of the simulator is checked and optimized.
✔Loaner equipment provided.

How the service is delivered

Laerdal’sValuePlus Services is delivered by a trained Laerdal Service Engineer, or by an authorized Laerdal Technical Service provider. 

The ValuePlus services are available in 2, 3 or 5 years packages with the purchase of a simulator for the ultimate product protection and savings. 



It's always a pleasure to welcome Mark on site. His expertise and ability to explain the more complicated aspects of the manikins is crucial in helping us get the best out of our equipment. He always has an answer to every question we ask.

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