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Teaching with SimMan Vascular

Educational Services

Integrating emergency patient and endovascular procedures to improve patient outcomes.

Improve patient safety and door to needle time.

This course is designed to teach you how to use SimMan Vascular by integrating hands-on activities.  You and your team will become familiar with the software and how to run the pre-installed scenarios.

This course is for simulator operators, or those responsible for operating and implementing SimMan Vascular in their simulation training. A basic understanding of PC skills and baseline knowledge of your simulator is helpful. Additionally, a fundamental knowledge of the principles of endovascular procedures is required.

After the course, you should be able to use your simulator system for simulation-based endovascular procedures and team training.



What You'll learn:

  • In-depth understanding of the components of the SimMan Vascular
  • How to operate the SimMan Vascular using the LLEAP Instructor Application
  • How to use pre-programmed scenarios to document learner performance during simulations
  • How to use the simulation session log in the debrief software

Who benefits from this course

I really appreciated that the Technical Service Specialist understood what I was talking about not only mechanically, but also clinically.

How the course is delivered

This is a one day course for up to eight participants delivered on-site at your facility by our Educational Service Specialist.

Our people are committed to your success

Providing quality healthcare is a journey. We want to walk with you on that journey. We have the experience and expertise, plus the size and scale to ensure you get the support you need. With Laerdal Services, everyone benefits – the instructors, learners, and most importantly the patients.

It's our goal to understand your goals for your simulation program. We want to know your specific learning objectives, your challenges, and how you want your program to evolve over time.

Our people empower you to be your best. People like Danny, one of our experienced Educational Services Specialists.