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SimDesigner helps the user to step away from a paper based scenario and move towards an electronic (pre-programmed) scenario.


SimDesigner replaces Scenario Editor Software and is the sole programming platform for all SimPad PLUS and LLEAP operated simulators. SimDesigner, Laerdal’s free scenario development tool, guides users through the creation of pre-programmed scenarios with features such as:

  • Excellent control of how and when events appear (and disappear) on the Instructor’s screen using “Phases”
  • Notify the Instructor about anything, at any time, using “instructor messages”. They pop up on the screen when programmed to do so
  • Write more complex scenarios in less time, using the new AND and OR features
  • Write high fidelity scenarios with the use of customizable timers and variables
  • Make simple transition times (trends) between states in a quick and intuitive way, with no need of creating a trend file in the trend editor

In addition to creating new scenarios, SimDesigner can be used to:

  • Convert existing scenarios for use with SimPad PLUS and LLEAP
  • Modify self-authored or Laerdal Scenario Cloud scenarios