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Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model

The Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model allows training in both Lumbar Puncture and Epidural administration. Featuring two epidural inserts: standard, and an advanced version with steeper spine, the model is ideal for both early and advanced training for more complex procedures.

This model also features optional fat pads to fit below the skin to increase realism and difficulty for trainees.

Limbs and Things.JPG

Skills Gained:

  • Injection of local anaesthetics
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Collect and measure CSF
  • Epidural Administration

Key Features:

  • Realism
    Can feel when the dura has been punctured
    Able to practice loss of resistance technique
    Obese skin options
    Optional steeper spine and smaller vertebral spaces
  • Versatility
    All inserts compatible with common base
    Rotatable skin to ensure cost-effective training
  • Cleaning
    After each use drain all water from the product and clean with a damp soft cloth or sponge, using only warm water with mild detergent
  • Safety
    Latex free
  • Anatomy
    Palpable sacrum, iliac crests and vertebrae L2-5

You will receive:

  • Lumbar Puncture Insert – Bone
  • Lumbar Puncture Insert - Tissue (x2)
  • Epidural Insert (x2)
  • Advanced Epidural Insert (x2)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Skin Pad
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Fat Pad (x3)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Standard Dura (x2)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Advanced Dura (x4)
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Iliac Crest Insert
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Insert Cartridge
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Sacral Insert
  • Water Reservoir 2Ltr
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Torso with Torso Skin
  • Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Stand