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LLEAP Step by Step PLUS

LLEAP Step-by-Step Installation Guide

During a LLEAP DIY Plus Implementation Service, a Laerdal Field Service Engine (FSE) will execute a “train the trainer” session with onsite staff that may include simulation and IT personnel.  The onsite technical staff will “shadow” the FSE in order to learn how to complete the remainder of the implementation.

While onsite, the FSE will complete the following (if applicable and if time allows):

  • Review implementation process, documentation and software for:
    • SimMan® 3G/Essential/Trauma
    • SimBaby/SimMan Classic
    • SimMom®
    • SimJunior®/ALS Simulator/SimNewB®
    • SimPad®
  • Windows updates on all computers operating LLEAP
  • Implement LLEAP on at least 1 simulator (including simulator pre-test)
  • Update SimView™ server
  • Perform post-test to ensure LLEAP is working on networks and SimView
  • Provide brief overview of software

After the FSE departs, the technical staff should use the step-by-step guides to help with the LLEAP implementation. We recommend you save or print the step-by-step guides applicable to you so they are ready for when you receive the license.



1. Pre-check: Check your current simulation software works with your simulator as usual.
a. SimMan 3G, SimMan 3G Trauma, SimMan Essential/Bleeding, SimMan Classic, SimMom, ALS Simulator, SimJunior, SimBaby, SimNewB


2. Install LLEAP on your PC and patient monitor, if you haven't already.
a. Download the step-by-step guide on how to install LLEAP on a computer with Laerdal Legacy Software >
b. Find the software download here >


3. Install LLEAP on your simulator.
Here are step-by-step guides on how to do this tailored for the simulator you have:


4. Post check: Launch LLEAP and check the simulation software works with your simulator as you would expect. Please use the test sheets from Step 1.

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