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Technical Services

Loaner Program

Avoid downtime by borrowing from us

Avoid the loss of valuable training time by borrowing a simulator from us. The Loaner Program is an effective way to minimize loss of productivity when a simulator needs evaluation or repair. 

Who will benefit from this service


If your manikin requires immediate service, we can provide a loaner unit for your use while your equipment is at Laerdal for evaluation or repair. 


The Loaner Program offers an effective way to minimize disruptions to your training and simulation schedule.


Time is money. Loaner equipment will secure minimal impact on the training schedule if the simulator is down and requires service.

What it includes

✔ Receive a NEW TEXT
✔ A trained technician will NEW TEXT
✔ Covers workmanship issues
✔ Reduces impact on training schedule

What it does not include

X Misuse, normal wear and tear, accidental damage

Manikin accessories, 3rd party products (i.e. cables, batteries, clothing, etc.)

Computers or monitors
X Non-Laerdal operating software

How it works

A loaner unit will be dispatched overnight to your facility for use while your equipment is being evaluated or repaired.  The Loaner Program is available either as part of a ValuePlus package or individually, in single and multiple year plans.

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