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Refresh Your Technology with Worry Free Simulation

Limited Time Upgrade Offer

If you are still using either the retired ALS Simulator or SimMan® Classic, for a limited time enjoy a Worry Free upgrade to a new member of the SimMan family at a huge savings while also avoiding any training disruption.

Upgrade Worry Free Now

Bystander CPR Saves Lives

Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne will now come with feedback technology to help you improve CPR quality, training efficiency and learner engagement.

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Real-Time Feedback During CPR

Measure to Improve

The consensus is clear: high-quality CPR saves lives. Help ensure quality CPR with real-time feedback.

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Community Lifesavers

Bystander CPR saves lives

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death worldwide. Every five seconds, SCA claims a life leading to over 6 million deaths every year.

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