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Now including LMS Integration and Inventory Management

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Medical simulators

Everything needed to plan, operate, and scale simulation.


Simulation software
Manage, assess, and debrief simulation training.


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Manikins for high-performance CPR and community responders.

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Services & training

From on-site training to installation, maintenance, and more.




SimMan Critical Care with ASL 5000 Ventilator

Whats New in Simulation? | SimMan Critical Care Product Showcase
Join us at 13:00 22 July 2024 for a virtual product showcase featuring SimMan Critical care, our newest solution for advanced training in critical care and respiratory care education.


Advancing Maternal Survival and Care with MamaAnne
Build confidence and competence when facing critical, obstetric emergencies through high-fidelity simulation training. 


Transform your training with SimMan Critical Care
Experience advanced, tetherless mechanical ventilation training that addresses the evolving demands of respiratory and critical care education.


A digital library to find all the resources needed to learn the basics of simulation and how to use and maintain equipment.


Customer story:

Building Seamless Teamwork Through Simulation

Westfields Hospital

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Empowering everyday heroes

In all parts of the world, Laerdal products and solutions are used by hospitals, universities, first responders, and laypeople to help save lives and improve patient outcomes.​

Empowering everyday heroes like Maria Lame, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics. 

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