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Working with our suppliers

For us, it’s of vital importance to have suppliers with high performance in environmental, social, and ethical aspects.


In Laerdal, we recognize that a significant portion of our emissions is attributed to our products and components. Consequently, it is crucial to highlight the actions taken in this regard. Our Sourcing department has placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that our suppliers comprehend our emissions reduction ambitions and adhere to good social conditions, thus aligning with our commitment to meeting customer needs. Over the past year, we have focused on the following initiatives:

  1. We have recently updated our Code of Conduct for Business Relationships to reflect our dedication to operating in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We expect our business partners to adhere to these standards and conduct regular impact assessments of their activities.

  2. The lessons learned from the pandemic have prompted us to reevaluate our strategic approach to sourcing components. Changes in the geopolitical landscape have driven us to shift our sourcing practices towards more localized and regional suppliers. We recognize the importance of reducing the distance between sourcing and manufacturing, thereby enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

  3. Building on the success of Laerdal's internal Sustainability Impact Awards, we launched an external Sustainability Impact awards program in 2022 specifically for our suppliers. Winners were selected in two categories: Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility. We were delighted to receive 32 applications from our partners, highlighting both the participation of small and large companies in this initiative. The winners of the 2023 Sustainability Impact Awards for our suppliers will be announced in August 2023.

Presently, our Sourcing department is actively engaged in initiatives within the global textile and plastic categories, as well as electronics, which represent the biggest contribution to emissions from our suppliers. We aim to source more sustainable alternatives for our physical products, considering the increasing availability of such alternatives. We acknowledge that this is an ongoing journey, and we remain committed to continuously learning and taking new steps to further enhance sustainability.

Through these efforts, we ensure that sustainability is integrated throughout our value chain, from supplier relationships to product sourcing, as we strive to make a positive environmental and social impact.

Helping save lives,
in a sustainable manner

Sustainability Update May 2024