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Ersatzaugen für Resusci Manikins

Ersatzaugen für Resusci Manikins

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Preis exkl. MwSt. 229,00 €
Preis inkl. MwSt. 274,80 €
A customer upgrade kit for quickly changing between dilated, normal, constricted pupils in Resusci Anne Airwayheads. Pupil size bi-lateral or one sided are helpful supplemental information in acute medicine diagnostics.Items included:

- 2 eyes with rotational pupils: dilated, normal, constricted

- Installation Guide


Skills taught:

- Recognition of cardiac arrest, intoxication, oxygen deficiency, brain damage and stroke

As of October 2021, this item replaces 150-11150. It is implemented in production of all Resusci Anne Airway Heads and Resusci Junior Airwayheads.