Resusci Anne Q-CPR/D training system allows for training with the Q-CPR function on the HeartStart MRx defibrillator.  The system allows for defibrillation, Q-CPR and airway management training. The airway head is designed for controlled ventilations through use of endotracheal tube, laryngeal mask or bag-valve-mask ventilations. Additionally, first aid and extrication practice can be incorporated into the learning by adding the optional first aid and rescue limbs.

The Q-CPR Training Module provides ECG to defibrillator and accepts shocks. It also provides ventilation data to the HeartStart MRx.

ECG and shock response is controlled from the Micro-HeartSim.

With the use of the optional SkillReporter printer or the PC SkillReporter comprehensive debriefing documentation can be generated.


Product benefits:

  • Educationally effective by focusing on the performance level of key CPR and defibrillation skills and techniques
  • Cost efficient through easy to use and maintain disposable airways and reusable faces
  • Realistic full-body anatomy and landmarks provide the essential features necessary to learn realistic victim handling and quality adult CPR and defibrillation skills
  • Enhanced student motivation through use of the optional SkillReporter and Micro-HeartSim modules, allowing both real-time CPR performance feedback and added cardiac rhythm introduction during training. A comprehensive performance report for after-action instructor-to-student debriefing may also be printed
  • Modular design allows various limbs to be attached to enhance training

Product features:

  • Realistic resistance for chest compression allows the students to experience the amount of pressure needed to perform proper chest compressions in a real-life situation
  • Anatomically correct landmarks and sternal notch allow the student to practice identification of all anatomical landmarks relevant to adult CPR and defibrillation
  • Articulating arms, legs, and head allow realistic weight and handling of an adult
  • The optional SkillReporter CPR performance module provides immediate objective feedback on ventilation duration and volume, compression depth, and hand position, and allows a comprehensive printed report for student performance documentation and debriefing
  • Micro-Heartsim module allows manual introduction of cardiac rhythms to the scenario as well as logging critical events including call for help, checked breathing, and arrival of defibrillator
  • Removable/reusable faces allow each student to have their own mouth-to-mouth face and offer easy after class cleaning and sanitation