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Transition to SimPad or LLEAP

If you already have a good understanding of your simulator and how to best use it, but you are moving from one platform to another, this course will benefit you. Delivered by our Laerdal Educational Services Specialist, this course will help make your transition a smooth one.

Available courses:

• Transition to SimPad (coming soon)
• Transition to LLEAP

A cost effective simulation solution for multiple healthcare disciplines

Offering educators realistic and engaging scenario-based simulation to challenge and evaluate critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills, SimMan Essential provides numerous educational opportunities for its users.

The wireless configuration of SimMan Essential makes it possible to move quickly to wherever your training will be most efficient and realistic. From an emergency situation in a remote location through the process of definitive care in a hospital, from a war-torn battlefield to a busy hospital ward – SimMan Essential injects a greater realism into scenario based training.