A proven and trusted range of tube holders

The original Thomas Tube Holder is a tried and trusted tube holder, and an industry leader for the last two decades. Designed to secure a range of advanced airway devices, Thomas Tube Holders are easy to apply and provide a reliable hold over tape fastening methods.

Our Thomas Tube Holders are ergonomically engineered to meet the needs of healthcare providers and offer a comfortable fit for the patient. The hook and loop fastener that straps around the patients’ head conveniently fits quickly into place and fastens securely.

As new methods of airway management and wider bore Supraglottic Airway Devices have been introduced to the market, we are now pleased to introduce the Thomas Select Tube Holder to our range.


Introducing the Thomas Select Tube Holder

Similar in shape to the Thomas Tube Holder, a larger opening allows the Thomas Select Tube Holder to accommodate a wider range of Supraglottic Airway Devices (SGAs), Laryngeal Masks (LMAs) and endotracheal (ET) tubes. Combined with a push-screw mechanism tubes can be secured in a fast and efficient manner.

Learn more by watching the video below or click here for a summary:



Comparison of adult Thomas Tube Holders


Thomas Tube Holder

Thomas Select
Tube Holder

Accommodates tube sizes ≥ 6.5 mm (Inner Diameter)
to 21 mm (Outer Diameter)
≥ 6.5 mm (Inner Diameter)
to 42 mm (Outer Diameter)
Push-screw mechanism - for quick initial adjustment to tube clamp


Screw mechanism to secure tube clamp
Unlock button for quick release  
Large mouthpiece surface area
Suction Port
Wide Head Strap
Pliable Bit Block
Nose orientation symbol -  placed above opening  


Explanation of the common Thomas Tube Holder features

Large mouthpiece surface area
  • Accommodates patients with removed dentures or facial trauma
Suction Port
  • Large opening allow for view of patient's mouth and lip colour
  • Easy access for suctioning and other oral care needs
Wide Head Strap
  • Hook and loop padded strap provides secure and comfortable fit; even when wet
  • Pink strap on paediatric version for quick, easy identification in an emergency.
Pliable Bit Block
  • Unique construction to prevent the patient from biting or pinching the tube and restricting airflow. Pliable material to protect the teeth and gums.