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Laerdal Medical's Top 10

Our Most Popular Articles in 2017

Throughout last year, Laerdal Medical published a series of research-based and, we hope, thought-provoking articles about medical simulation. Our topics varied greatly, from helping you justify your investment in simulation to meeting the demands of nursing education and increasing learner engagement. Whether you’ve read one, all, or none of our articles, you may be curious what your peers have gravitated toward. To make sure that you have the chance to read our most popular pieces of content, we created a list of the most popular articles from 2017.

We hope you enjoy and consider sharing the following selection.


Choosing Wisely

To successfully create or grow a simulation program, you must first choose the right provider partner. Read our practical guide to creating an unstoppable simulation partner relationship.

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7 Steps to Navigating the ROI Discussion

At some point in your simulation career you are bound to find yourself having to justify a large investment in simulation technology. This article outlines seven steps you can follow to take the initiative in that discussion.

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The July Effect

Drawing on the experience of experts, in this article we share five insights about where and how you can use simulation to support your new resident interns as they transition to practice.

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Man being given CPR with the help of CPR feedback device

CPR - Good to Great

In this article, we share five reasons why real-time feedback can help providers and their organizations go from good to great in delivering CPR.

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Nursing's New Comfort Zone

In this article, we examine three significant changes that have come to shape today’s nursing landscape. Research suggests that you can use simulation to address these changes with the goal that your nurses approach their role with competence, confidence, and compliance. 

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Healthcare Simulation Week

In honor of the inaugural HealthCare Simulation Week, sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, we remember the life and work of Michael S. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D. Read a tribute to his life and his contributions to medical simulation.

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Recreating the Reality of Birth

We examine a range of simulation methods and share how each can help to reduce risk in maternal and newborn care. Methods discussed include: task trainers, standardized patients, hybrid simulation, and high fidelity simulators.

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Prolong the Life Cycle of Your Simulation Lab

Shared experiences tell us three effective ways to focus on sustaining your simulation lab so that you can meet whatever demands come your way. Read this short article to learn more.

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The Stethoscope of the Future?

Ultrasound isn’t just used in maternal care practices. In this article, we discuss the applications of point-of-care ultrasound and why you might want to consider integrating it into your existing simulations.

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The Engagement Factor

Students, especially laypeople learning CPR, are often surprised by the prescriptive training agenda necessary to impart a clinical skill. To help instructors improve their student’s learning experience, we outline how to apply the Kirkpatrick Model to CPR training.

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