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Item Number: 210-00550
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The Bleeding Trauma Module Set with Forced Air System is designed to teach the rapid identification and effective management of bleeding control, per ATLS guidelines or military procedure, to prevent potential loss of life and limb.

  • Bleeding Trauma Amputation Arm and Thigh Modules allow tourniquet application and training of proximal artery compression
  • Bleeding Trauma Thigh Module allows application of compressive dressing, training of proximal artery compression and deep gauze pack placement
  • Bleeding Trauma Arm Module allows training of arterial pressure application, tourniquet application, gauze packing and dressing techniques

Includes: 1 Bleeding Trauma Amputation Arm (Right), 1 Bleeding Trauma Amputation Thigh (Left), 1 Bleeding Trauma Thigh (Right), 1 Bleeding Trauma Arm (Left), 4 Reservoirs with Tubing, 1 Bottle of Red Simulated Blood, 1 Pressure Tank, 3 Hoses, 1 Two-Way Manifold, 6 Quick Disconnect Couplers, 6 Pull Ties and 1 Carry Case

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