The Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) sets the standard

The Laerdal Suction Unit is used all over the world by countless providers as it is:

    • Powerful and effective
    • Prepared for emergency situations
    • Effective at improving patient safety

Reusable or Semi Disposable configuration?

The LSU comes in 2 different configurations, so that you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

Video Demonstration

How to use and run a device test on the LSU as well as assembly, disassembly and cleaning guidance.

LSU Reusable

With completely reusable parts

LSU Serres

With a reusable canister and disposable liner to avoid contact with contaminates.


Laerdal recommends the Serres configuration which has an improved canister holder for easy canister release and to make it easier to visualise the fluid volume in the canister.


Powerful and Effective

The suction unit’s quiet running and shock & splash proof design makes it an excellent option in nearly all settings. In extreme situations, the LSU can reach a vacuum of 500 + mmHg and has a flow rate of >25 LPM, exceeding International Standards.

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LSU Device Test Video

Prepared for emergency situations

For the assurance you need, the LSU device test will tell you in 10 seconds whether the LSU is ready for use in the field. The test includes four important requirements for the LSU to pass.

  • Blockage in the Suction System
  • Vacuum build-up efficiency
  • Maximum achievable vacuum level
  • Air leakages in the Pump System

As the Laerdal Suction Unit automatically charges when connected to an external power source, and charges to 80% after just 3 hours, it is ready for use when needed.


Effective at improving patient safety

For ease of use in difficult situations, the LSU has a built in suction indicator, with colour coding, to help ensure the correct vacuum strength is selected for children.

This feature, combined with the extra-large dial for ease of use with large gloves, the LSU enables providers to quickly select the correct amount of suction for any given situation.

The display also monitors:

  • Power ON Indicator
  • External Power Indicator
  • Battery level Indicator
  • Vacuum Indicator
  • Failure Mode Indicator: LED is lid if a malfunction has been detected