Make intubation easier

Hold tubing in place quickly and easily with the Thomas Tube Holder. As the only tube-holder with a quick set screw, the Thomas Tube Holder removes the need for tape that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The Thomas Tube Holder accommodates multiple size endotracheal tubes, as well as Combi Tubes and LMA’s. The hook and loop fastener that straps around the patients’ head conveniently fits quickly into place and fastens securely. The Thomas Tube Holder is completely disposable.

Increase patient comfort

Bite blocks on the back of the Thomas Tube Holder protect patients' teeth and gums while keeping the ET tube open, the cell foam-padded backing provides patient comfort and allows skin to breathe. A mouth access hole allows for in-use suctioning and clear access to the mouth and airway. A BVM does not need to be removed to attach the Thomas Tube Holder. The Thomas Tube Holder comes in adult and pediatric sizes. The pediatric size is fitted with a pink hook and loop fastener for easy identification.

The Thomas Tube Holder is Latex-free to prevent allergic reactions.