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Supporting Practicing Nurses

Nursing Education

Education Doesn't Stop When Nurses Enter Practice

Only 10% of nurse managers have confidence in their new graduate nurses* and 98% of practicing nurses want more professional training*. Are you using high fidelity simulation to address these statistics?

Simulations can help you ease the path from academia to practice for novice nurses, but are not solely meant to address new nurse onboarding. Continuing education, protocol practice, as well as building communication skills among diverse teams can help meet the increasing expectations in today’s nursing environment.

CAUTI, CLABSI, and More. How Are You Training for Infection Control?

Nurses, no matter how talented and prepared, are still human beings capable of committing errors. Training to avoid them is key to minimizing risk. The Nursing Anne Simulator platform is designed to simplify continued training on core nursing skills that can address issues of infection control through simple and realistic team training and repetitive practice.


central line

Central Line Site Care and Infusion

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Urinary Catheterization

Complete Urinary Catheterization

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Postsurgical Mastectomy Care

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stoma care

Stoma Care

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wound assessment

Wound Assessment and Care

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nasogastric tubes

Placement and Care of Nasogastric Tubes

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