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Directions for Use for VitalSim

2.3 MB - Multilingual

Directions for Use, Instrucciones de uso, Mode d'emploi, Istruzioni per l’uso
Directions for Use for VitalSim

1.5 MB - Multilingual

Bedienungsanweisung, Gebruiksaanwijzing, Bruksanvisning, Bruksanvisning, Käyttöohjeet, Instrukcja obsługi



41.0 MB - Multilingual

The VitalSim 3.3.2 software release fixes the following issues: 1) Transfer of some scenario’s to the Control Unit result in Scenario Format Error when trying to start it. 2) Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility. Note: VitalSim software version 3.3.2 is compatible with all VitalSim products except SimJunior simulator. To update your SimJunior VitalSim unit, please go to the SimJunior download page on Laerdal.com/downloads and download the SimJunior VitalSim software (v 1.0.2).
VitalSim Control Unit USB driver

0.1 MB - Multilingual

USB drivers for VitalSim Control Unit version 3.2.1 and older. This driver is needed if you do not have the VitalSim 3.2.1 driver installed from before and want to upgrade your existing Control Unit with version 3.2.1 (or older) to 3.3.1. To use: 1) Download and unzip to a known location. 2) Connect your VitalSim Control Unit to the PC. 3)Follow instructions in the "Found new hardware"-wizard and specify driver location to where the driver was unzipped.

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