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Resusci Anne QCPR testa intubabile torso

Codice articolo: 172-00160
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High-performance CPR training for professional first responders


Enables Training

  • Resuscitation team training or skills training
  • Advanced Airway Management with Airway devices
  • ERC, AHA and SRFAC Guidelines compliant CPR
  • Real time feedback to:
    • Compression depth, rate, release
    • Ventilation volume and hand placement
  • Improvement hints and guided debrief
  • Multiple chest stiffnesses


QCPR Feedback Options


Resusci Anne QCPR Torso manikin includes

  • Torso Manikin with Rechargeable battery in soft Carry Case that doubles as training mat
  • 45kg Compression Spring Installed
  • Two extra compression springs (30kg and 60kg), Manikin Wipes, Important Product Information Document, User Guide, Face Skins in Paper Bag x3, Airway Assembly x2, USB Cable A-C, AC Power Adapter USB 2A


Compatible Accessories and Upgrades


Clinical Features

Video below shows the most advanced Resusci Anne QCPR configuration:

Full-body Resusci Anne QCPR with Airway Head and AED Skin


More information

Hygiene and cleaning procedures for CPR manikins 

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