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PM Kit RA QCPR Periodic Maintenence Kit

PM Kit RA QCPR Periodic Maintenence Kit

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A customer maintenance kit for keeping the compression system of your Resusci Anne up to date.

Product Features

    • Cylinder piece (1)
    • Set of Screws (1)
    • Lung Plate Resusci Anne (1)
    • Sensor unit complete (1)
    • This is a customer Do-It-Yourself kit, without requiring assistance of tech services. Installation takes about 15 minutes
    • Laerdal recommends replacing parts when the Resusci Anne QCPR manikin has received approximately 500 000 chest compressions. The number of compressions exerted to the manikin can be found using the QCPR apps or SimPad Skillreporter
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