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Nursing Baby training includes sounds auscultation, IV and IO skills, fontanel assessment, urinary catheterization and general pediatric patient care. This infant is unrivaled for clinical training in core pediatric in-hospital clinical skills.

Product Features

    • Nursing Baby SimPad Capable manikin (1)
    • Nursing Baby Directions for Use (1)
    • Laerdal Warranty (1)
    • Nursing Baby clothing (1)
    • Carry Case (1)
    • Lubricant (1)
    • Baby Powder (1)
    • Simulated Blood Concentrate (1)
    • Simulated Rectal Suppositories (3)
    • Effective training manikin for in-hospital infant skills
    • Normal, bulging, and depressed fontanels for assessment and diagnosis
    • Head with anatomical landmakrs and airway management
    • IV access in articulating arm and leg
    • IO infusions through tibia
    • Gastrostomy tube opening for care and feeding
    • Auscultation of heart, lunds, and bowel sounds
    • Interchangeable genitalia for urinary catheterization
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