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ADM Automatic DeliveryModule

ADM Automatic DeliveryModule

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The automatic delivery module allows SimMom to deliver a baby automatically and consistently. The baby can be delivered cephalic and breech presentation, and with simulated shoulder dystocia. This item is compatible with the older version of SimMom that is non-tetherless, sold between approx. 2014 and 2017.

Product Features

    • Complete ADM (pneumatic delivery canister) (1)
    • ADM pump assembly (1)
    • 1 litter birthing lubricant (1)
    • Shoulder dystocia retaining cords (1)
    • Soft case for storage of the ADM (1)
    • Normal delivery
    • Breech presentation
    • Assisted deliveries: forceps and vacuum
    • Shoulder dystocia

  • Length: 60 cm / 23 in

    Width: 30 cm / 12 in

    Height: 35 cm / 14 in

    Weight: 5.7 kg / 12 lbs

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