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Thomas Select Tube Holder Adult, 25pkg

Thomas Select Tube Holder Adult, 25pkg

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Thomas Select Tube Holder is designed to secure advanced airway devices, e.g. Endotracheal Tubes (ETs), Laryngeal Mask Airways (LMAs) and other wider Supraglottic Airway devices (SGAs), after insertion into the trachea or esophagus to reduce the risk of accidental extubating. It is intended for use on persons of at least 8 years old with a short-term need (less than 24 hours) for airway-tube device management.

Product Features

    • Thomas Select Tube Holder (25)
  • Length: 112.6 mm / 4.4 in

    Width: 64.5 mm / 2.54 in

    Height: 50 mm / 1.96 in

    Length of strap: Approximately 61 cm / 2.4 in

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