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 Child Silicone Mask No.3/4 w/Multi

Child Silicone Mask No.3/4 w/Multi

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Laerdal Silicone Masks are intended to be used for ventilation of humanpatients.The Multi-Function Mask Cover is intended to be used to add additional support, when needed, to the Laerdal Silicone Masks (size 3-4, 4-5+) and to allow for strapping of the Laerdal Silicone Masks to the patient.

Product Features

    • Child Silicone Mask 3-4 w/Multi-Function Mask Cover (1)
    • User Guide (1)
  • Length: 106.2 mm / 4.18 in

    Width: 82.9 mm / 3.26 in

    Height: 70 mm / 2.75 in

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