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Mod 598 Restraint Belt 2 pcs. Derlin

Mod 598 Restraint Belt 2 pcs. Derlin

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Restraint belts are aids used to obtain a degree of restraint that allows patients to be transported safely when used in accordance with the product in use.

The restrain belt contains a male and female connector called a pair (2 pcs), so the pair is only one nylon buckle belt.


1 x Mod 598 Restraint Belt.

Size and Weight

Length: 700 mm (Min), 1500 mm (Max)
Available length after knot
has been done: 460 mm (Min), 1250 mm (Max)
Width: 50 mm
Weight: 130 +/- 10 g

Importand Product Info Doc

Please note: Package only includes one belt. Recommended to purchase two or more packages for use with BaXstrap Spineboard.

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