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Laerdal's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility 

Policies, governance and commitments

In Laerdal we believe clear commitment and defined policies will drive performance and create results. We believe in making them transparent internally and externally so that employees, customers, and other stakeholders can hold us to them. We encourage our employees, customers, and other stakeholders to challenge us on the policies so that we continuously evolve. We accept, we as others, have blind-spots and need alternative perspectives to develop continuously. We have established a CSR forum with senior management, including CEO, to discuss where we are and the way forward.


Important policies related to sustainability are;

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our commitment is based on the internationally agreed principles for sustainable development around human rights (including labor rights), the environment (including climate), and anti-corruption. The principles are listed by the UN Global Compact. They are made operational through the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (“UNGPs”) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
Policy; Laerdal's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Laerdal Code of Conduct
The Laerdal Code of Conduct formulates our minimum requirements of ethical behaviour for our leaders, employees, as well as consultants and contract workers who provide products or services to our organizations on a global basis.
Policy English; Laerdal Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for business relationship
We expect that our business partners work according to the same international standards as us. The expectation includes utilizing the same tools and methodology or documenting that any alternatives selected ensure compliance with the standards and can be used to adequately assess the impact of their activities, especially those that are directly linked to us. We will collaborate with our partners in this process of meeting the internationally agreed standards for responsible business conduct and assessing their impact.
Policy; Laerdal Medical Code of Conduct for Business Relationships

Transparency Act
We work actively to address risks related to human rights in our own operations and across our supply chain.
Policy Norwegian (signed): Transparency Act
Policy English: Transparency Act

Whistle blower line
Employees and external stakeholders have the possibility for and duty to report concerns on negative human rights impacts in a secure and confidential manner without any risk for retaliation. Reporting will be through an external partner.
Laerdal Whistle-blower channel

Equal opportunities
We strive for diversity and inclusion at all levels of our organization and understand its impact on our mission to save lives. Laerdal believes all voices should be heard, regardless of gender, nationality, education, experience, age, personality, or other characteristic. We prioritize this in all key decision-making processes.
Policy; Equal opportunities. Laerdal on diversity and inclusion

We work to be a sustainable business with environmental considerations included in everything we do. We adjust our policies, measure, and report on our environmental performance. We work to control the use of resources and we consider CO2e emission and waste to be our most material impacts on the environment across our value chain.
Policy; Commitment on Environment 

Business Ethics and anti-corruption
 We work across many diverse cultures where concepts for appropriate business conduct can vary widely. We believe ethical conduct and standards are about values and integrity as well as compliance and risk mitigation.

We believe a proactive approach to ethical business conduct will increase trust and nurture relationships with key stakeholders. Our focus will be to comply with local and international anti-corruption laws, principles, standards, and codes and being transparent on interactions.
Policy; Policy commitment on Business ethics and anti-corruption

Anti slavery
 In accordance with national laws and international principles on antislavery we take steps to assure we live according to these principles. We recognize that modern slavery including human trafficking, forced labour, bonded labour, child slavery, and hazardous child labour can occur in every industry and sector.
Policy; Anti-slavery

Conflict minerals policy statement
 As a global producer of training and medical products, we promote the traceability of these minerals and the transparency of the supply chain. We firmly believe that our customers should be fully informed about the products they purchase .
Policy statement; Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

A CSR leadership forum to governance our performance and guide development

Laerdal has established a leadership forum, including the CEO, to assure we constantly assess performance and strive for improvements within Human rights, Labour rights, Environment and Anti-corruption. 
Laerdal's leadership forum for Corporate Social Responsibility

Important commitments we support and work with

A Norwegian business-led climate initiative with mission to transition to a low-carbon economy

UN Global compact
The worlds largest initiative on sustainability. We are committed to the initiative and the 10 guiding principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.