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RJ Airway Head,
Upgrade Kit

Item Number: 182-50010
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A do-it-yourself kit for replacing the standard Resusci Junior head with the Resusci Junior Airway Head.

Enables training:

  • Supraglottic intubation techniques
  • EndoTracheal intubation techniques*
  • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Bag-valve-mask ventilation
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust maneuvers
  • Pupil assessment (normal, constricted, and dilated)


*Airway is anatomically correct down to the vocal cords. Seals when ventilating if tubes are inserted correctly.


Upgradable manikins:

  • Resusci Junior QCPR


The upgrade kit includes:

Airway Head with Lung, Tube clips (2), Installation Guide.


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