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A Purchasing Cooperative to
Save Time and Money

KCDA - King County Directors Association

Laerdal Medical - KCDA Contract #17-116

Centralized procurement services and compliance with all legal procurement requirements

KCDA (originally founded in 1938) is a purchasing cooperative owned by Washington’s public school districts. KCDA’s mission is to provide centralized procurement services to its members that will save them time and money as well as comply with all legal procurement requirements.

KCDA membership has grown to include public school districts, educational service districts, state agencies, counties, cities, and colleges throughout the United States. There is no charge for membership in KCDA and no minimum level of participation. Becoming a member requires approving and signing an Interlocal Agreement. KCDA is a public agency and is authorized to accept members from all states.

As KCDA has grown, many other types of public entities have become members. As many of these organizations have differing procurement requirements, KCDA has adapted our procedures to satisfy the legal requirements, both in advertising and bidding, of all of our members. All items and services under contract with KCDA have been awarded through a competitive sealed bid process, with contract, bid and advertising documents posted on our website.


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