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Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit

Artikelnummer: 123-60750
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Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Little Anne to include QCPR feedback with this upgrade kit. View the upgrade kit installation guide video.


If the manikins' Chest skin is old and worn out, it is recommended also to purchase a new skin.
Item 123-50650 - QCPR Chest skin, Light
Item 123-50750 - QCPR Chest skin, Dark


The upgrade kits Includes:
• Rib plate with QCPR Sensor
• Ventilation sticker
• Ventilation sticker placement guide
• Compression reflector
• Jaw (with flexible valve holder)
• QCPR sticker
• QCPR bag tag
• 2 AA batteries
• Installation Guide

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