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Modular Skills Trainer

Practice clinical skills - anytime, anywhere

The Modular Skills Trainer is a portable solution for skills practice and competency development. Optimized for distance learning, the Modular Skills Trainer is an affordable, practical solution for repetitive, independent skills practice and to assist with skills validation.


Distance learning skills practice for every user

The growing demand for independent learning modalities that cover essential skills make the Modular Skills Trainer an optimal choice. Users can improve or validate their skills competency using skills practice either at home or on-site at a safe distance.

Interchangeable accessories for multiple training opportunities

The Modular Skills Trainer provides realistic skills practice with the added benefit of interchangeable accessories allowing the user to develop and improve multiple clinical skills they are expected to perform on real patients. It is built with the versatility of a modular solution to get the most out of each skills training session.

Practice a wide array of patient care skills:

• Nasogastric Tube Insertion

• Wound Care

• Tracheostomy Care

• Central Line Dressing Change

• Ostomy Care

• Urinary Catheterization & Enema

• Injections

• Intravenous Catheterization & Phlebotomy

• Suppositories (rectal & vaginal)

• Perineal Care

• Oxygen Therapy

• Nasal Swab

• G-tube Care

A portable unit that’s easy to set up and withstands repeat use

The Modular Skills Trainer delivers a solution that is compact and easy to use. It is optimal for independent practice at a distance – either at home or at physically separated stations on site. The Modular Skills Trainer is durable enough for a user to repeat skills practice throughout the duration of their course of study.

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