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SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer

Building competence in next-generation nurses
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Connect Faculty Instruction with Students' Hands-on Practice

Overcome two of the biggest barriers in nursing education today utilizing SimCapture for Skills with the 16-in-1 Modular Skills Trainer. With this combined solution, time constraints for deliberate practice and resource shortages will no longer impede nursing school programs in training and retaining students. SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer is a practical, portable solution beyond virtual course delivery, effectively combining hands-on skills practice with efficient, digital assessment and evaluation tools.

Hybrid Learning for Skills Proficiency

Combining the power of digital technology with hands-on skills practice, SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer closely connects faculty to their students to improve learning outcomes on a variety of essential clinical skills while building up confident and competent future clinicians.



Through cloud-based access from any web-enabled device, students can pace their learning and deepen their understanding by:

  • Accessing content, training, and other resources from their mobile devices or laptops
  • Refining their practice with the Modular Skills Trainer either by themselves (self-recording) or with a partner (peer-to-peer setup)
  • Viewing their scores and getting feedback on their performance


Faculty optimize teaching delivery and provide precise feedback and remediation to students by:

  • Communicating instructions, guidance, and exercises at scale (individually, selected group, or entire class)
  • Evaluating students’ self-recorded, skills practice videos
  • Accessing students' progress and areas of improvement at individual and group levels

Building Skills Mastery in Students

Two ways to use SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer


Peer-to-peer practice
The methodology of students teaching students enables deliberate practice, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Self-directed learning
Students learn independently by managing learning tasks themselves and self-recording practice to build skills performance.


Lightweight and Durable

16-in-1 Modular Skills Trainer now available with SimCapture for Skills

Each SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer subscription includes a personal skills trainer featuring 16 different clinical skills to train on. Designed to fit the needs of today's nursing schools, learners can practice hands-on skills they will be expected to perform in real practice. The interchangeable accessories included with each trainer come in different skin tones representing diversity in patients.

Empower your students to take ownership of their learning

Are you considering implementing SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer into your nursing program?

Request a free virtual demo and learn how you can receive an exclusive, special offer by participating in our "Early Adopter" program.