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SkillReporter (PC)

With SkillReporter (PC), you can wirelessly control up to 6 manikins via Bluetooth. Use your own PC and have control over each student's performance.  As an instructor or student, you can easily Measure, Track and Improve basic CPR.


The SkillReporter (PC) software provides comprehensive, easy-to-use feedback for enhanced Quality CPR training. All appropriate CPR metrics are measured and the software facilitates real-time feedback, stores data, calculates overall performance and allows for thorough debriefing. Detailed real time feedback and enhanced debriefing flexibility enables students to learn and improve CPR performance in a manner which far exceeds that previously possible.


  • Real time, live feedback of CPR performance
  • Training in Assessment mode (with no live feedback when required)
  • Detailed debriefing screens
  • Summary overviews highlighting areas for improvement
  • Multi-manikin overview for class teaching (up to 6 manikins via Bluetooth)
  • Adjustable limits/thresholds for compressions and ventilations (including ERC / AHA preset Guidelines)
  • Print of summary screen
  • Operating System requirements: Windows XP, Vista or W7 (and most W8 computers, not the W8 RT version), W10


  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetoothto the Resusci Anne QCPR
  • Can also connect via USB cable to both Resusci Anne QCPR or Resusci Baby QCPR
  • A PC run software
  • Easy to set up and use


Since some internal PC Bluetooth antennas have a short range, we recommend using the Bluetooth adapter. Laerdal product number 318001.

Performance Debriefing

Multi-Manikin Class Overview

Real-time Feedback

SkillReporter (PC) works with the following manikins:

The Resusci Anne QCPR manikin and technology enables healthcare providers to obtain competence to deliver quality CPR in accordance with the latest Guidelines.

Resusci Baby QCPR sets a high standard for quality infant CPR training. When used with a feedback device learners are provided clear feedback measure, track and improve training.

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