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BaXstrap Spineboard

The Laerdal BaXstrap Spineboard provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. As one of the lightest, most rigid boards on the market, the BaXstrap Spineboard prepares providers for any situation. The durable and uniquely contoured design, matched with our private labeling option, makes the BaXstrap Spineboard the premium spine board on the market.


Durable quality

The BaXstrap Spineboard’s lightweight and durable carbon fiber design enables the spine board to remain completely rigid with patient weights up to 110 kgs.

Due to its water resistant qualities, the spine board can be used in all environmental conditions and is easily stored for transport.



Comfort for patient and personnel

To increase patient comfort in an emergency situation, the BaXstrap Spineboard has a uniquely contoured design that cradles the patient while ensuring proper immobilization. The seamless mold makes it as easy to clean as it is to use. With in-molded pins for easy strapping, extra-large hand holds for easy access and comfort, even with large gloves, the BaXstrap Spineboard provides optimal performance for both patients and care givers.



Laerdal’s spinal system solution

The BaXstrap Spineboard, with the Stifneck Select collars, Speedblocks and PadPack  make up Laerdal’s spinal system solution. The combination of these products facilitates the complete immobilization of patients to provide the best possible care.



Adaptable to meet your needs

An adaptable product is a more practical product. The BaXstrap Spineboard’s special strap holds for pediatric patients eliminates the need for on the fly solutions, such as towels, to fill the gap between the patient and the strap. The X-ray, CT-scan and MRI compatible design also eliminates the need to move patients before radiographic imaging.


Laerdal stands behind the quality of the BaXstrap Spineboard and offers a 5 year limited warranty; giving our customers peace of mind.



Click Here to Learn MorePrivate Label is available with BaXstrap Spineboard



  • Dimensions: Length 1830mm (±40mm), Width 406mm (±13mm), Thickness 58mm (±13mm) (16 ±0,5" x 72 ±1,5" x 2.5")
  • Weighs 6.02kg (13.5 lbs.) (single board)
  • Thickness, 2.3 inches
  • 14 handholds
  • Handhold width of 2 inches
  • Handhold length of 5.25 inches
  • Minimum storage space for 2 boards of approximately 4.00 inches
  • 12 Pins
  • Carbon fiber rods
  • CE marked
  • Operating temperature: -34°C to 52°C (-29°F to 126°F)
  • Storage temperature: -34°C to 52°C (-29°F to 126°F)
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Latex free
  • Seamless rotation mold