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Resusci Baby Airway Head kompl. Upgrade

Artikel: 162-20050
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Enables Training of Advanced Airway Management with Airway Devices:

  • Supraglottic intubation techniques
  • EndoTracheal intubation techniques (*)
  • Orophrayngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Bag-valve-mask ventilation
  • Heat tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust maneuvers

(*) Airway is anatomically correct down to the vocal chords. Seals when ventilating if tubes are inserted correctly.


For use as:


Previous versions of Resusci Baby are not mechanically compatible to be upgraded with this Kit.

What can be upgraded using the new Resusci Baby Airway Head spare part?



  • Airway Head
  • Lung
  • Chest skin compatible with Airway Head, item 083470.
  • Disposable Lung (10 Pack)
  • Airway Lubricant
  • Suitcase Inlay for Airway Head

 How-to video


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