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Celebrate Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

Ultrasound Simulation Team Training

October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. We would like to show our appreciation for the healthcare professionals who use ultrasound to secure the best possible patient outcomes.

Laerdal appreciates the hard work and continued dedication of ultrasound professionals that has helped advance this fast growing technology and its continued place in healthcare’s future.

We support teams as they train to accurately assess and diagnose patients, contributing to improved patient care. Through the use of ultrasound simulation training, learners can experience low-frequency, high-acuity situations before they find themselves in front of a real patient.

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Solutions to Prepare You for the Future

Laerdal’s mission is helping save lives. One way we do this is by equipping healthcare providers with the best possible means for conducting simulation where the challenges to improving patient safety most often occur. 

Collaborating with Leading Partners

Through our partnership with SonoSim, a global leader in ultrasound training, Laerdal extends its ability to improve patient safety and help save more lives. Our solutions are simple to use, affordable and designed to maximize training impact.