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AI Voices. A new level of realism in healthcare education.

At Laerdal, we seek to develop AI systems that support learning processes to better prepare healthcare workers to do their job well and offer a more engaging learning experience.  We recently highlighted the importance of realism in simulation-based learning for healthcare education where high-fidelity manikins and devices are needed.  This is also true in Virtual Reality (VR) learning scenarios.

To better support customer needs, building AI healthcare education tools that embrace and convey the natural diversity and variability represented in human populations is key to providing healthcare students with much-needed realism in their learning.

But to be realistic and to enhance that physical or virtual simulation experience, voices need to be emotive. They need to be diverse. And they need to be convincing. 

In the last year, we have seen enormous progress with our own AI journey in the creation of AI Voice Services for product developers in Laerdal Medical to use.

What is the Laerdal AI Voice Service? 

The Laerdal AI Voice Service is a collection of AI-generated voices that are based on voice actors’ voices and sound just like a real human. Some of the voices can have different emotions like being empathetic or sad. Some voices can even be in pain and out of breath. 

As part of this work, we have focused on ensuring a diverse library of voices that can reflect different backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. 

We are using the AI Voice Library for many of our digital training products such as NextGen vSim for Nursing and this technology will also be made available for many of our manikin simulators as well.

NextGen vSim® benefits from AI Voices

vSim® for Nursing (available in the U.S. and Canada only) is an advanced virtual simulation experience. Watch this video to learn how the Laerdal AI Voice Services is being used in the development of this solution.