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Laerdal and SIMCharacters Announce Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Partnership for SIMCharacters Innovative Neonatal Simulation Solutions

Press Release - 15 January 2024

Laerdal Medical, a global leader in healthcare simulation solutions, is excited to unveil its exclusive worldwide distribution partnership with SIMCharacters, a pioneering Austrian company specializing in cutting-edge neonatal simulation technology. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing healthcare simulation and underscores a shared commitment to revolutionizing medical training.

SIMCharacters made waves in 2018 with the launch of "Paul," an advanced premature simulator that garnered acclaim for its high-emotion simulation capabilities. Building on their success, SIMCharacters is set to unveil their highly anticipated second product, "Emily," a full-term simulator, at IMSH 2024.



Patient simulator for highly realistic training in neonatalolgy



Newborn simulator for interdisciplinary team training in neonatology

Commencing in early 2024, with exclusivity effective from April 1st, Laerdal will serve as the sole global distributor for SIMCharacters' products. Leveraging Laerdal's extensive global Sales, Marketing & Services (SMS) organization, this collaboration aims to amplify the reach of SIMCharacters' life-saving simulators. The addition of Paul and Emily to Laerdal's portfolio aligns seamlessly with the needs of healthcare professionals worldwide, enhancing training capabilities for neonatal care.

"We're thrilled to embark on this partnership with SIMCharacters," said Alf-Christian Dybdahl, CEO at Laerdal Medical. "The synergy between SIMCharacters' innovative products and our global reach positions us to better serve the healthcare community by delivering impactful simulation solutions."

"My journey into neonatal simulation began in 2006 in Stavanger when Laerdal introduced its first newborn simulator. For me personally, the collaboration with Laerdal comes full circle. Our entire team of engineers, hardware and software developers, special effects designers, neonatologists, and neonatal nurses, is delighted about the cooperation with Laerdal to improve the quality of care jointly and sustainably for critically ill preterm and newborn infants."

- Jens-Christian Schwindt, CEO and Founder, SIMCharacters

As the distribution agreement sets the foundation for a deeper collaboration, Laerdal and SIMCharacters aim to explore additional opportunities throughout the first quarter of 2024. Together, they aspire to maximize their strengths to drive innovation and enhance healthcare quality, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes globally.

About Laerdal Medical
Laerdal is dedicated to our mission of helping save lives. Laerdal Medical is a world leader in healthcare education and resuscitation training that uses immersive technologies and data-centric insights to increase survival and improve healthcare quality. We empower our heroes/life savers, and healthcare workers, to help them save more lives. Improving the quality of care is part of our mission, to help save more lives. And we have established the goal to help save one million more lives. Every year. By 2030. However, we can’t do this alone. This is a shared goal of the Laerdal Group. A group of companies that develops healthcare-related solutions and programs focused on a common mission to help save lives, together with our Partners. The Laerdal Group is composed of Laerdal Medical, Laerdal Global Health, Million Lives Fund and Laerdal Foundation. Laerdal is a global company in 26 countries worldwide with its head office located in Stavanger, Norway. For more information, visit

About SimCharacters
SIMCharacters - High Emotion Simulation was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2012. The company was established with an interdisciplinary team comprising neonatologists and neonatal nursing staff, biomedical engineers, hardware and software developers, and special-effects designers. The aim was to develop highly realistic preterm and newborn simulators that enable neonatal team training at the highest level. The first product, the preterm baby simulator “Paul”, was introduced in 2018 and is now in use in over 150 neonatal units worldwide. At IMSH2024, SIMCharacters will present its two new term newborn simulators, “Emily” and “Emma”. For more information, please visit