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Immersive Training with Virtual Reality (VR)

Supporting Multi-Modality Simulation with VR

Developed by clinical experts for clinicians and educators, SimX immerses learners in a unique, virtual experience. Students, instructors, and observers can work simultaneously around the same virtual patients, from any location. The platform includes over 270 scenarios, along with the ability to tailor cases to organizations’ individual training needs.



Deep content library


Highly Immersive, yet easy-to-setup


Adaptive encounters for decision making


Multi-user and remote team training

Improve decision-making skills in a realistic, immersive learning environment

Learners are presented with virtual patients whose conditions can change dynamically, requiring timely and accurate responses. This mode of learning enables them to practice and assess whether they are performing the correct actions in the appropriate sequence. If they fail to do so, they witness the patient's condition deteriorate within the virtual setting, which reinforces the consequences of their clinical decisions.

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From VR to competency-based learning

Enhance critical decision-making skills for real-life medical situations by adding VR training with:

  • Full flexibility via high quality moderator tools to adjust the difficulty level and adapt to individual learner’s needs.
  • Dual emphasis on knowledge application and soft skill development.
  • Immediate scoring and feedback enabling self-identification for learners’ highlighting areas for improvement.

A rich scenario library tailored for various segments

Emergency Medical Service

Prepare EMS providers for any real-world emergency in a risk-free environment

With scenarios specifically designed for paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders, revolutionize EMS training by offering a virtual reality platform that meticulously replicates various emergency scenarios:

  • From the back of an ambulance to the unique challenges of a patient's home,
  • Across diverse outdoor, urban, and rural landscapes.

Eliminate the logistically complex need to recruit volunteers and set up outdoor training sites, enabling teams to effortlessly repeat intricate scenarios until mastery is achieved.

14 EMS Scenarios

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Healthcare Education

Help students become competent and confident through immersive VR training

Learners engage in realistic patient encounters, practicing empathy and clinical procedures tailored to individual needs and curriculum goals. The interactive system enables:

  • Personalized learning
  • Teamwork through multi-participant simulations
  • On-site and remote training to optimize time and resources

An extensive content library is available, covering realistic environments (ER, OR, ICU, PACU, MedSurg, Patient’s Home, Clinic, Ambulance), replicating true-to-life encounters in diverse settings.

14 EMS Scenarios
150 Nursing Scenarios
40 Physicians and Residents Scenarios

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Cultivate clinical excellence & quality improvement

An expansive range of in-hospital scenarios for both nursing as well as physicians and residents designed for skill enhancement and staff competency evaluation. This modern learning solution promotes a culture of continuous improvement while being incredibly efficient — requiring just 5 minutes to set up allowing teams to engage in any scenario promptly.

It facilitates the continuous development of soft skills, such as communication and empathy, which are critical for patient interactions, including those with mental health challenges or chronic pain.

Moreover, its flexible space usage, with only a headset needed, makes it an adaptable and resourceful tool for hospitals aiming to provide ongoing, respectful, and advanced patient care training.

Includes scenarios ranging from high-risk ER visits to patient family expectation management challenging both learning and experienced doctors.

40 Physicians and Residents Scenarios
150 Nursing Scenarios

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Virtual Advancement of Learning and Operational Readiness (VALOR)

Encompass a broad range of military medical emergencies, including:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC)
  • Small Unit Care (SUC)
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) medicine

Scenarios available in more than 30 different virtual environments, allowing trainees to practice in contexts that closely mimic real-world combat situations, such as battlefield triage and tactical casualty combat care.

There is an emphasis on replicating combat injury realism and stressful environments to enhance the trainees' preparedness. Additionally, the platform facilitates team training, enabling coordinated responses to medical emergencies.

Over 70 Scenarios

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.