Webinar Series - Elevate Competency-Based Education through Simulation


Strategies and Solutions for Implementing Competency-Based Education

Join us for our 2-part series discussing the shift to competency-based education and solutions that can support both learners and faculty. Each 1-hour webinar will provide tangible examples and takeaways that you can apply to your simulation program and will include time for a live Q&A session with industry experts.

Webinar 1

The Role of Simulation in Competency-Based Education

During this 1-hour webinar we discussed:

  • Factors driving the shift towards competency-based education
  • Practical tips and resources for implementation
  • Impact on learners and faculty

Webinar 2

Competency-Based Education Solutions Product Showcase

Join us to explore new solutions that will help your program support learners in an impactful way:

  • SimCapture
  • NextGen vSim® for Nursing
  • vrClinicals for Nursing