The SkillReporter (PC) software provides comprehensive, easy-to-use feedback for enhanced Quality CPR training. All appropriate CPR metrics are measured and the software facilitates real-time feedback, stores data, calculates overall performance and allows for thorough debriefing. Detailed real time feedback and enhanced debriefing flexibility enables students to learn and improve CPR performance in a manner which far exceeds that previously possible.

The SkillReporter (PC) has to be ordered separately. The SkillReporter (PC) works with the following manikins:

  • Resusci Anne QCPR or
  • Resusci Baby QCPR (connect with USB cable)


  • Real time, live feedback of CPR performance
  • Training in Assessment mode (with no live feedback when required)
  • Detailed debriefing screens
  • Summary overviews highlighting areas for improvement
  • Multi-manikin overview for class teaching (up to 6 manikins via Bluetooth)
  • Adjustable limits/thresholds for compressions and ventilations (including ERC / AHA preset Guidelines)
  • Print of summary screen
  • Operating System requirements: Vista or W7 (and most W8 computers, not the W8 RT version), Windows 10


  • Connects wireless via Bluetooth to the Resusci Anne QCPR
  • Can also connect via USB cable to both Resusci Anne QCPR or Resusci Baby QCPR
  • A PC run software
  • Easy to set up and use


Since some internal PC Bluetooth antennas have a short range, we recommend using the Bluetooth adapter. Laerdal product number 318001



Performance Debriefing

Multi-Manikin Class Overview

Real-time Feedback



SkillReporter (PC) works on the manikins shown in the 'Links' section.