Trauma Modules may be added to manikins for realism in trauma life support and life saving first aid scenarios.

 Module set includes:

Trauma Head Cover
  • Avulsed ear, avulsed eye, lacerations of the lip, neck and scalp, nasal bleeding, impaled object and facial contusions
  • Head skin fits over manikin's head
Seat belt contusion
  • Contusion with compound fracture clavicle from seat belt injury
  • Lay-on for chest
Burn arm with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
  • Burns illustrated with blistering in progressive sequence.
  • Left forearm and hand articulates to manikin at the elbow.
Compound fracture radius
  • Exposed proximal portion of radius.
  • Lay-on module
Industrial hand
  • Severe laceration to the dorsum of the hand with exposed bone and soft tissue.
  • Open and closed fracture of index finger and severe tear of the fingernail with contusion.
  • Hand skin (left) fits over manikin's hand.
Exposed viscera
  • Abdominal wound with protruding abdominal contents.
  • Lay-on module.
Large and small caliber entry and exit wounds
  • Entry wounds may be interchanged with blank deltoid pads. 
  • Exit wounds may be interchanged with blank ventral gluteal (small caliber) and dorsal gluteal (large caliber) pads.
Impaled Object
  • Metallic object imbedded in thigh.
  • This may be interchanged with blank module in manikin's thigh.
Compound fracture femur
  • Exposed fractured femur protruding from mid-thigh.
  • May be interchanged with blank module in manikin's thigh.
Crushed foot
  • Severe lacerations, exposed bone, tendon and soft tissue.
  • Complete amputation of the lesser toe.
  • Right foot may be articulated to the manikin at the ankle.